Meet the hihaho team

The Netherlands

Mark Visser

Chief Executive Officer

Jeroen Krouwels

Chief Commercial Officer

Anne-Wil Tollenaar

Chief Interactive Content Officer

Ivo van Halen

Chief Operating Officer

Myra den Haan

Business Development Manager

Marin Groothengel


Elien Kersjes


Stefan Drenth

Content Creator

North America

Greg Groce

Managing Director US Xprtise


Alberto Paradela

Chief Executive Officer Goviideo

Alberto Fernández del Amo

Chief Operating Officer Goviideo

Sonia Paradela Sánchez

Marketing and Design Manager Goviideo

Iván Ledo Cambero

Production Manager Goviideo

Gema Santiago

Account Manager Goviideo

Denmark & Sweden

Yaron Schwartz

CEO, Viducon

Matias Baleani

Video Producer, Viducon


South America

Jovanka Pinas

E-Learning Specialist Maxcademy

Bianca Eersel

E-Learning Content Specialist Maxcademy

Central America

Jan Kouwenhoven

Chief E-Learning Officer Maxcademy


Yoshio Fujimatsu

CEO Splineglobal


Kam Amilthan

CEO, Digital Learning Bee

Sagar Dewale

Product Manager, Digital Learning Bee

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Kloekhorststraat 29
9401 BB Assen, The Netherlands

Secondary office
Galileïlaan 31
6716 BP Ede, The Netherlands

t. +31(0)592 377 285